These are the games that took me from White to Black belt in 4 years.

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This is the first Jiu-jitsu program of its kind. Get access to OVER 4 HOURS of games that will make you accelerate your learning while becoming an independent jiu-jitsu athlete!

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It doesn't matter what belt you are, training this way will undoubtedly change your game.

It doesn't matter what belt you are, training this way will undoubtedly change your game.

What will I get in this course?

I'm so excited to introduce the games & exercises that will maximize your learning experience in a way that doesn't require a coach. They are designed to give you immediate feedback so you can correct mistakes as you make them.

01 Control Games

You'll maximize your potential with these control games. These are in-depth examples of games to develop necessary control in your game. Learn mount control, side control, knee on belly, balance and more..

02 Positional Sparring Games

These are the games you need to master your Guard Game. Learn to open the closed guard, master half-guard, X-guard, De La Riva, K-Guard, Single-leg X and more...

03 Positional Sparring from Stand-up

Get access to all the games that will help you control and maintain positions from standing. Underhoooks, Body locks, Leg control and all grip control. Applies to Gi and No-Gi.

04 Submissions

You can use these games for ALL submissions. Choose your favorite submissions and apply the games. I go through some of my personal favorites - the Kimura, Guillotine, Read Naked Choke, Arm bar and Triangle.

05 Hyper Specific Task Based Training

From Winning the Double Under-hook, Escaping Half-Guard and Passing the Knee-cut position to controlling the Fishing Pole Position, Finishing the arm-drag from Butterfly guard and much more.. Get the Hyper Specific Task Based Games that'll help you Solve mistakes as you make them, resulting in accelerated learning.

06 How to use these Games

Where do you go from now? Learn about how to implement these games in your training and get the maximum results out of your training.

Example Task Based Games

Hyper Specific Task Based Games: Finishing the Arm-drag from Butterfly Guard

Control Games: Knee-on-belly

ADCC veterans Craig Jones & Lachlan Giles on training with Kit

"Scientists have discovered that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create new synapses in the brain, unless it is done in play, in which it only takes 10 to 20 repetitions" - Karyn Purvis


"Kit helped me really accelerate my game. He started coaching me when I was a Purple belt, and my competition results exploded as well as my my rolls on the mat!"

- Spencer, Black Belt

"Through training with Kit, using these games, I was able to organically discover ways to effectively shut down my opponents attempts. It's completely transformed my game!"

- Rob, White Belt

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Meet Kit Dale.

For the last 12 years I’ve been helping Jiu-jitsu enthusiasts & athletes all over the world maximize their leverage, while minimizing their effort by simplifying the complexity of Jiu-jitsu. Creating problem-solvers and self-reliant Jiu-jitsu enthusiasts. 

I received my Black Belt in 4 years by conceptualising Jiu Jitsu. You get really good in this sport, quickly, when you understand HOW & WHY Jiu Jitsu works.  

I studied these principles, training with the best in the world, to develop these Concepts & Techniques to get you mastering Jiu Jitsu in the shortest time possible. Finally I have created the product that will give you all the games you need to develop!

Training this way allowed me to win the Abu Dhabi World Pro multiple times, Australian Cup, Japanese Open, Pan Pacific, and more, including the Brazilian Nationals.  

I've taught this system all over the world, to thousands of students with incredible results. You now have access to all of this, ON DEMAND, whenever you need it.

Dale by Kit Dale

Refund policy

I’m so confident in this system that I will guarantee your success. Your access includes help from me whenever you need it (please be respectful of my time). While all sales are final, thousands of satisfied students have enjoyed results from my concepts & techniques. If you have problems, reach out to and we’ll assist you as best we can!